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Super Cute Succulent Teething Ring
Super Cute Succulent Teething Ring
Super Cute Succulent Teething Ring

Super Cute Succulent Teething Ring

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This toy does double duty!  It's not just a natural wood *teething ring but it is also a crinkle toy.  Each bunny ear looped fabric is backed with super soft snuggle fabric and has baby *crinkle paper sewn in for added sensory play.  Every wooden ring is rubbed in a small amount of organic coconut oil and is certified and marketed safe for use a baby teething ring.

Wood Rings are CPSIA certified and untreated.  Wood is naturally anti-microbial which makes these rings a great option for teething. 

How to care for you natural wood teething ring:

  • Remove fabric and machine wash.
    • Wipe ring down with damp cloth and mild dish soap
      (minimal), dry immediately *NEVER SUBMERGE, SOAK OR FREEZE WOOD RINGS.
    • To sanitize, apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rub wooden ring, wipe with clean dry towel.
    • Always inspect rings before giving to a child and never leave a child unattended with wooden toy.
      • Rub ring periodically with organic coconut oil to help seal and protect the wood.

*USA Safety Certified EN71 and CPSIA Crinkle Fabric

*Our teething rings have been tested and passed all of the CPSC product safety regulations: 

CPSIA Section 106 & ASTM F963-11 Section, Soluble Heavy Metals Content in Substrates

  • Chemicals tested: Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium  (ALL PASS)

CPSIA Section 102 & 16 1501, Small Parts 

CPSIA Section 106, ASTM F963-11 & 16 CFR 1500 (FHSA), Mechanical Hazards

  • Impact, Torque, Tension, Compression (ALL PASS)
  • ASTM F963-11 Sec 4.1 Material Quality - PASS
  • ASTM F963-11 Sec 4.6 Small Objects - PASS
  • ASTM F963-11 Sec 4.9 & 16 CFR 1500.48 Accessible Points - PASS
  • ASTM F963-11 Sec 4.18 Holes, Clearances, Accessibility of Mechanisms - PASS
  • ASTM F963-11 Sec 4.22 Teethers and Teething Toys - PASS